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    (March 2014)

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      Book_Title State, Religion and Democracy – A Comparative Perspective of Four Muslim Countries

        The book gives a comparative perspective of four Muslim countries namely; Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan on “State, Religion and Democracy”. The publication is part of the Dialogue Forum series titled: “State, Religion and Democracy” in 2013 launched by the Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) as part of its democratic advocacy and …

      Victim Voice_s Victims’ Voices

      The publication ‘Victims’ Voices’ is a compilation of a dozen stories of people affected by various forms of violence. It includes those affected by suicide bombings, improvised explosive devices, aerial bombings or drone strikes inter alia. These case studies are based on reports gathered by the team of CRSS reporters from conflict ridden areas. CRSS …

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    • CRSS Seminar On FCR Must Be Abolished FCR-April-04

      An increasing number of F ATA residents are joining hands to demand the abolition of the FATA regulations as well as annulment or comprehensive amendment in the Article 247 of the constitution. Women participants of the consultation also demanded complete abolition of the FCR. “The FCR doesn’t even recognize the …

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